Viral Josie and Gia Fight Full Videos Twitter

Viral Josie and Gia Fight Full Videos Twitter Josie and Gia Fight Full Videos Twitter. Recently TikTok users, Josie, and Gia became part of a worrying trend on social media websites of posting fights to exploit polemics formed through violent content. A disturbing video circulating online shows popular TikTok artist El Galvancillo’s girlfriend, Gia, repeatedly hitting TikTok influencer Tessa Ortega’s female relative, Josie, in the head.

Josie, who has nearly 1.7 million fans on TikTok, became popular on the internet by creating videos and vlogs with her family, including her younger sister Tessa, who recently joined forces with another TikToker Meche. Josie, who has amassed 550,000 followers on Instagram, is managed by Hustle Division and recently modeled for fashion brand Finest Few.

Gia, a model and social media influencer widely known as the girlfriend of TikTok celebrity El Galvancillo, has been involved in a controversial online fight with TikTok star and sibling Tessa Ortega, 15, and her older sister Josie Ortega, 19.

The video of Josie and Gia’s fight was first posted on TikTok and then spread to X, which was previously known as Twitter. The clip, which has been viewed more than 5 hundred thousand times in the space of a few hours, shows Gia swinging Josie to the ground and then hitting her on the head several times. The disturbing video has social media users saying

What we know about Josie and Gia’s fight video

A video of social media stars Josie and Gia fighting recently went viral, sparking a wild response online. While it is not known what sparked the fight, a lengthy video on YouTube provides little context for the incident.

In a video on YouTube, Gia is seen sitting next to her boyfriend, El Galvancillo, in the car, documenting the aftermath of the fight. In the clip, Gia told her followers that she was ambushed by Josie, Tessa and her mother while in the car with her boyfriend. The fight is predicted to be triggered by Josie. Gia appears to brag about dragging Josie to the track when she reports she won the fight.

Gia then accused Josie’s mother of stealing her boyfriend’s phone. In the clip, he can be heard several times begging for his phone back.

Meanwhile, responding to Gia’s video, Tessa Ortega provided a short clip of Josie and Gia’s fight. He accused:

I jumped. You swing at other girls…you “beat my sister” but your boyfriend gets beat too. A fair fight for everyone.” Tessa continued, always saying something about my mother participating in ts because she was already old. But here you are arguing with a 15 year old and how old are you 24? Yes, your age is closer to my mother than me. Just without children. So, what makes the comparison

What happened to Josie and Gia?

Disappointing video showing popular YouTubers Josie and Gia Fight Video on Twitter, sending shockwaves across local zones based on the website. This aggressive, unedited film features young virtual entertainment stars violently throwing punches, pulling hair, and executing hook punches with sturdy right on the Los Angeles line. Their generally internet-based personalities are completely unrecognizable as these companions carry out instinctive harassment here and there amidst confusion

Not long after appearing on the video website, it gathered many views on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The client expressed surprise at the apparent strength between the two great examples for young fans. Many young people responded with doubtful assumptions while others seemed happy to see clean website VIPs caught in such a scary unfiltered moment.

Who are Josie and Gia?

Josie and Gia are two young forces to be reckoned with due to recorded fights and become website sensations on the website. However, their names are not easily recognized before this incident, both of them already had a virtual entertainment following.

Josie, full name Josie and Gia Fight Video on Twitter. He is best known for his video websites that record his life as a high school student in LA, including daily video website style content, as well as his girlfriend label recordings with his girlfriend Josie having over 500,000 followers on YouTube and 850,000 followers on Instagram. He displays extraordinary photos on the website as often as possible so posts content as well as supported recordings that show elegant brands

Video of Josie and Gia’s fight going viral on Twitter

The real fight between Josie and Gia took place on the night of November 15, 2023 outside the popular forces to be reckoned with at the headquarters in Los Angeles. Based on the time stamp, the battle took place around 20.30. Many reports regarding this incident were caught by viewers and spread quickly across all virtual entertainment stages.
The highly shared video was recorded by Gia’s colleague. It features Josie and Gia together screaming angrily before things turn into a real fight. Gia in fact dealt the initial blow making Josie retaliate. The almost 2-minute video shows the companions hooking, pulling hair and swinging firmly at each other until finally the viewer becomes the intermediary.

Netizens’ responses to Josie and Gia Fight’s videos

Meanwhile, some netizens are apparently afraid of young women fighting in the streets and record them for content, but other netizens seem impressed with Gia’s skills as a fighter.

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